Video: My Funny Love Story

Interracial couple at a basketball game

We just celebrated one year of marriage this past weekend. It’s been quite the adventure! The love and support around us is unbelievable! I love making memories, growing wiser, and sharing bits and pieces of it with you all. From the engagement party to our honeymoon in the Caribbean islands, and everything else in between…I am humbled […]

A Journey is like Marriage…


Some of the best travel memories I have are those that did not go as I had planned. Stop trying to control your destiny, or your next plan and try going with the flow. I promise it will be the best decision you’ve made. Happy Monday!

When life blows…


Blow bubbles! Optimism will get you farther than pessimism. Don’t let negative minds blow your bubble! Never allow miserable people to walk with you. Misery loves company. I’m on my way to my beloved beach town! Currently stuck in miles of traffic, but the upside is that I can blog from my iPhone! Check out […]

Pretty Gifts for a Beautiful Mom on Mother’s Day

pretty mothers day gift guide

All moms are beautiful…even dog moms! I’m swooning over some of the most prettiest gifts in the market for Mother’s Day! I love anything with beautiful packaging and great design. Here are just a few of my favorite picks for Mother’s Day gifts! My favorite on this short list is that totes adorbs pillow! HA! […]

Happy Birthday, My Love…


Often times I am overwhelmed by God’s love. He gave me a husband who is undoubtedly my perfect match. He is my sunshine to my gloomy days, and the warm light in my soul. The laughter and happiness we share are what’s most precious to my heart. The fact that we’re growing wiser together puts me […]

Keep Calm – It’s Wedding Season!

white tulips wedding season flowers

image via theknot About a year ago, I was a hot mess. Yes. I was on fire, and not in a good way. Around this time, I was constantly having bouts of anxiety which almost always defeated me. Let’s just say, me and Pills were BFFs. Ha, ha! I kind of chuckle at the fact […]

Buckroe Beach Fun with a Cute Little Guy


I belly laughed so hard with my husband last night over something that probably wasn’t even that funny. Laughter really is the BEST medicine. In that moment of pure and undisturbed happiness, I was reminded of how important it is to smile, laugh, and find good things in bad situations. If you find yourself in […]