First Year of Marriage: Exactly One Month…

cherry blossoms pretty engagement pictures

‘Til me and Hubby’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! I caught myself reminiscing about the most perfectly imperfect day. I’ll have to tell you later about how I got through my anxiety, and that moment when Rocko jumped off the Radio Flyer Wagon, and why me and J did not take photo booth pictures together! As I […]

Weekly Wishes #2


LAST WEEK’S WISHES 1. Take the dogs on a walk at least twice this week. I took Chelsea on a short walk last week that really helped clear my mind. I felt rejuvenated and in a better mood after the walk, and I think Chelsea enjoyed sniffing and marking her spot everywhere. 2. Go outside […]

Stepping out of that comfort zone!

cute spring flowers

Photo credit: Helena La PetiteĀ  Happy Friday, you guys! It’s been a particularly stressful week for me but I’m so glad Friday is finally here. I’m really excited about the weekend because me and J are going back to the beach! It’s been a little over a month since we chose to move so suddenly. […]

Live in the Moment – Learn from your Dog


The dogs weren’t in the mood to take pictures today. I tried to take pictures of them before our walk this evening, but it wasn’t happenin’! As I looked through the shots I took, I noticed that both of them are always looking in the same direction. They seem to enjoy just hangin’ and watching […]

Weekly Wishes #1


See the picture above?! I took this picture in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico–where I saw some amazing sights with J. The views were truly breathtaking! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend! It rained all weekend over here in the DC ‘burbs but J and I got a few things accomplished for the week […]

I never get what I want! Letting go and Letting God


I like to get what I want and I tend to get upset when things don’t go my way. Lately God’s voice has been really loud. He’s been shouting at me. I think He wants me to know that His way is the only way. There’s been countless times where I’ve had silent arguments with […]



Remember when I told you I was going to start mindful eating? Yesterday I posted a yummy Sesame Garlic Baby Broccoli Recipe, have you tried it yet? Well…today I made french toast with a blackberry reduction sauce. I posted it on my Instagram – so follow along if you aren’t already following me! It wasn’t […]